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Railway Station | TCS CodeVita 9 Solution ( Zone 1 ) 2020 | By CodingHumans |

Railway Station

Problem Description

Given schedule of trains and their stoppage time at a Railway Station, find minimum number of platforms needed.
Note - If Train A's departure time is x and Train B's arrival time is x, then we can't accommodate Train B on the same platform as Train A.


1 <= N <= 10^5
0 <= a <= 86400 0 < b <= 86400
Number of platforms > 0


First line contains N denoting number of trains. Next N line contain 2 integers, a and b, denoting the arrival time and stoppage time of train.


Single integer denoting the minimum numbers of platforms needed to accommodate every train.

Time Limit



Example 1 


3 10 2 5 10 13 5



The earliest arriving train at time t = 5 will arrive at platform# 1.
Since it will stay there till t = 15, train arriving at time t = 10 will arrive at platform# 2. Since it will depart at time t = 12, train arriving at time t = 13 will arrive at platform# 2.

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( C ++ )

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  1. Can't it be the job sequencing problem of greedy approach? sorting the trains in terms of their arrival time and compare? please reply

  2. can we take the arrival time as key for dict and the halt time as value and then we would just sort the keys and according to that we might be able to predict the platforms can you please post python solution

  3. I tried this approach only but every time it was giving time limit exceeded.

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