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CodingHumans is a platform where you can find all the contents, problems and solutions for all kinds of programming and Computer Science related topics .Our mission is to make digital education reachable to everyone. Providing help to every learners and students who are in the phase of learning and chasing for building up a successful career. 

We works really hard to provide you with latest information and keep you updated in every educational and technological fields. The main motive of coding humans is to provide easy to learn resources with simple illustration and tutorials. CodingHumans is totally a free to learn website and completely free developer resources. We know that if you have a deep desire to learn something then nothing can stop you so stay Motivated and Keep Learning Dream Big CodingHumans.
This site is for all the learning enthusiast who are always having  a thirst to learn something new in the field of programming and computerized technology for the self enhancements . Here different kinds of coding problems for the coding enthusiasts will be presented . Be it a kid studying in school or a guy in the college , we know that if you have the deep desire to learn something then nothing can stop you. This CodingHumans  website is to help our fellow learners .We the CodingHumans believe in imparting Knowledge and education  to every deserving learners , programmers who are alway looking forward for learning somethingnew aspects of coding in this human era. Also we keep you updated with the latest changes in the Learning Resources , Job updates and Technological  enhancements which  helps you to be in  pace with the new changes happening in the world. Also we present our our learners with tips on how to excel your  learning skills,coding skills by presenting motivational articles and blogs  by sharing the experience of top professional educators, teachers, tutors, programmers and coders from around the globe.

Founder : Badal Sherpa
Full stack web developer  | Competitive Programmer | Data Science enthusiast 

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